Bullet Adventures #4 PDF (Copy)


136 page, full colour comic book collection.

Digital ISBN: 978-1-7775536-9-2

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From his origins in the Silver Age to the present (and back, thanks to some time travelling adventure), Dale DeSouza has faced the fiercest foes imaginable and even saved the world. While he’s done a good job at the superheroics, his toughest challenge may be adjusting to modern life. His granddaughter Lainie has that under control, but has to navigate family and friendships while learning to be a hero.

Story: Jordan Alsaqa & Randy Stone
Art: Kath Lobo, Lara Kane, Nicolás Carrizo, and Francesca Cittarelli
Letters: Lucas Gattoni

Cover: Nicolás Carrizo & Francesca Cittarelli

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