Crime Pays Kickstarter

I just hit launch on the brand new Kickstarter campaign for a print edition of Crime Pays. Have a look here:

While I hope you consider backing (it’s a fantastic collection of 16 short crime comics), it’s as helpful to spread the word, share the link with your friends, and most of all, engage with the campaign by posting comments on the Kickstarter page. This kind of activity raises the project’s profile on the platform and we want to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

To encourage a big start, I’m sending two other short stories to any backers who comment on the project page by Christmas. The first is from my last Kickstarter Death & Comics, Visitors by Jenn St. Onge and Crime Pays contributor/organizer Randy Stone . The second is one of the stories in the upcoming Sensational Swan book, Reflections by John Ward, Marco Perugini (who also has a story in Crime Pays), and Ariana Maher.

Thanks for your support!


Crime Pays Finalists

The finalists of the Crime Pays competition are:

Best Served Cold
Family Business
Grave Business
Last Words
Make Good Trouble
My First Time
Proud Monster
Public Dominion
The Bank Robbery
The Crossing
The Great Romances of Modern Crime
The White Diamond
Trust Fall

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